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Sugar and Swamp…

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Much of the nuts and bolts of building a business will be behind me soon, and frankly, I can’t wait. I may have been born to be a chemist, a writer, a teacher…maybe even a medicine woman if I had been born in a different time and a different place…but I was not born to be a business woman. In fact, I salute all of the men and women out there, who have an affinity for business, and a mind for banking, accounting and marketing. God bless you. Long life to you. How much do you charge an hour? 😉

That being said, I am grateful for this experience. It makes me look forward all the more to getting back to making soap, and lotion and all manner of good, sweet-smelling, beneficial products. In fact, I missed it so much that I took a break from my work to make some sugar scrubs. My husband has become fond of the sugar scrubs I make, but he wanted something that looked and smelled masculine. So, after carefully listening to the list of characteristics he wanted in his sugar scrub, I dispatched myself to the kitchen, and made him a lovely scrub. It’s green and moisturizing without being too oily, and of course, it’s been scented with the natural scent of cedarwood and patchouli essential oils. He came downstairs this morning, and pronounced the scrub a success. So, I told him he could name it. And what do you suppose he named my beautiful creation?  “Swamp Scrub.” Anyone who knows him shouldn’t be surprised, but I may rename it when I put it up for sale.

Nevertheless, here it is. Swamp Scrub: It’s green; it’s outdoorsy; it’s nourishing for your skin, and it doesn’t embarrass my husband when he uses it. I should also mention, that aside from resembling the color of brackish water, it has nothing in common with the swamp!

The only thing swampy about it is the color!



One thought on “Sugar and Swamp…

  1. Sugar scrub is my new friend! What an amazing little product that has helped heal my sad dry skin that I’ve dealt with all my life! I’ve been using it every couple of days with of course the wonder “MoMillie Lotion”. My skin heals blemishs faster than ever and feels so smooth and soft. Who knew? Awesome product!!

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