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Is it Summer Yet?

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Sorry I haven’t blogged lately. I had the Christmas rush, and then I spent much of January and February making soap…or being sick. *sigh*

That being said, it was a very successful holiday season for Star Harvest Farm, and I’m grateful for all my friends, relatives and new friends who have taken the time to promote the business, and specifically my beloved soap.

Beloved soap. Yes, that is what it is. Soap making is a passion, an addiction, and if you ask my husband…it’s an obsession.  And in truth, he has a point. There have been more than a few instances, when he’s caught me pretending to listen to him, when I am actually constructing soap or lotion recipes in my head.

“Sarah!!” He’ll shout.

“Huh?” I will say…rather sheepishly.

“I just asked you if you remembered to race down the road in your pajamas, while clucking like a chicken and you said, ‘Yes.’”

“Oh. I’m sorry,” I’ll say. “I was just thinking about…”

“You were thinking about soap,” he’ll finish for me.


And I was.  It happens that way a lot. I’ll suddenly be struck by a theme, or a fragrance, and my brain will be off and running.  In fact at this writing, I have eight to ten partially finished recipes in my mental soap repertoire.

But some of my best-selling soaps are the result of my saponified (chemical reaction) ruminations. I made Starry Night Soap, while thinking about Vincent Van Gogh. Gwynnie’s Soap was the result of my concern over a loved-one’s skin condition…and my newest, and prettiest soap to date, was created in an attempt to shake off the icy fingers of winter, and the gray clouds that cling to the tops of the trees in my back yard.

I was longing for warm sunshine, and hot sand…which started me thinking about the smells and tastes of summer. And it wasn’t long before I formulated a cucumber and melon soap recipe.

I managed to find a watermelon at the grocer, extracted some juice, and put it in my soap along with the juice of a cucumber. I selected my coloring method and other ingredients carefully (well, I always do, actually), and I created my Cucumber & Melon Soap. I will probably call it Summer Soap…because that’s what it reminds of.

Now I have dozens of beautiful green and pink swirled soaps curing on the shelf. The smell of watermelon and crisp cucumber originating from the soaps, has permeated my house, and the effect it has had on my psyche has been nothing short of miraculous.

I was so pleased with the soap, that I took pictures of it, and posted the pictures on Facebook, which you can find under Star Harvest Farm, LLC (for my millions of fans out there).

But, for those who don’t Facebook (and honestly, I see your point sometimes), here is my Summer Soap. The pictures are set against the gray winter sky, but you will see that the soap is already providing a sharp contrast to the waning days of winter, and points to green, and sunshine…and summer!




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