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Sometimes Husbands Have Good Ideas

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I’m going to make Hunter’s Soap. I haven’t made it yet, but I’m going to be making it very soon.

The soap was not my idea, it was my husband’s. This should not come as a surprise to anyone who knows him

He loves the outdoors. He loves hunting. He loves…Duck Dynasty. (Insert rolling-eyes smiley here.)

In fact, it was Duck Dynasty that provided the spark of inspiration that is behind my soon-to-be, wildly-successful Hunter’s Soap. (I’ll probably call it something else though…maybe something like…”My Husband is a Closet Redneck”). One evening, after thoroughly enjoying an episode of Duck Dynasty (which he had DVR’d), my husband said, “You need to make a camo-soap. A soap that will mask human scent, or even eliminate it. You can make it look like camouflage soap, right?”

I looked dubious…and not a little disdainful. “You want a camouflage soap?” I asked. “Does that mean you want your soap to blend into the underbrush so it can’t be seen?”

My husband looked impatient. “No, I just thought it would be more appealing to the whole hunting demographic (redneck-wannabees occasionally know words like, “Demographic.”).

“I can do that,” I said.  “Do you really think there is a market for it?”

“Yes,” said my husband. We live in Virginia. It’s like the state sporting event…or at least it should be.”

Soooooo, I did some research, and discovered that it is quite possible, not to mention acceptable, to create a hunter’s soap in camouflage colors. Apparently, there are a few essential oils, like anise star and cedarwood,  that will mask human scent, and/or remove it (temporarily, of course). There are also several natural color choices for olive green, and brown. My curiosity had been piqued. I made a few orders, did a little more research,  and calculated some formulations.

Hunter’s Soap is going to become a reality! And truthfully, I am actually looking forward to making this Hunter’s Soap, or as I like to call it, “My Husband is a Closet Redneck Soap.”

And who knows, my husband has been right on a few occasions. He married me, didn’t he? Maybe this soap will become a national hit. Maybe I’ll even go global. The President will give me the key to the city. They’ll throw camouflaged-themed parades in my honor, and maybe…just maybe, a slick TV producer will make a reality show about me and my soap business. I already have the title: “Soap Dynasty.” 😉



PS: Yes, I’ll post pictures when I’m finished. Don’t I always?







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