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Isn’t it nice, how things don’t always turn out as you planned…

     I began writing poems and stories at the age of seven. I remember that my mother was fairly impressed, so I told her that I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. It made sense to me, because I seemed to have the proverbial knack for it, and not one to try something that I wasn’t good at, I proclaimed to myself and anyone else who was interested, that I was going to major in English, and be a writer one day.

  But…I didn’t. Well…I did major in English, but that lasted about two years, when I                 discovered that the only way I could make a living with an English degree was if I had the letters PhD after it. So, I settled down as an Elementary Language Arts Teacher. I loved it, I really did…but I always felt as if there was something else I needed to be doing.

I was still writing, of course…still believing that if I if I just worked hard enough putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard I would find my niche at last. And, while I admit that I have a sincere, almost devout view of the written word, I never found myself completely satisfied with the work of my hands…

…until now.

But…I do not refer to writing (although it will always be a dear friend). I refer, instead, to my discovery of the art and science, of making soap, and the quiet sensibility of herbal medicine. I was always fascinated by the idea that God thoughtfully provided healing remedies housed within His creation, to help us, and heal us.

I came across the science of soap-making quite by accident. My husband read an article about making soap, and tried it. I remember watching him from afar, hesitant to become involved, but a seed had been planted (if you will pardon the idiom), and I found myself writing herbal recipes to use in hand made soaps. One thing lead to another…and a devotion to the soap making was born.

Truth: I love the art and science of making soaps, and lotions, growing herbs, and creating beautiful and therapeutic formulas. I have found my place at last. I am a chemist. I am an herbalist. I am a soap crafter. I am home.






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Soap Ruminations

Soap can be beautiful too.

I managed to finish my basic soap website last night. I was positively thrilled with myself, until I woke up this morning, and realized I wanted to change the entire front page format. I wonder if Steve Jobs ever had problems like that.

That being said, it’s still a relief to have the bulk of the grunt-work completed. I suppose I can come home now. Here in rural, tidal Virginia, it’s still difficult to tease a wireless signal out of the big city,  so I have to truck myself to the nearest WI-fi establishment, which is the community clubhouse, and park myself  in the big overstuffed chairs, and look out over the water while the bald eagles soar over the cliffs. It’s rough, I tell you. 😉  It’s still nice to be home, though.

…and of course, I can finally start paying attention to the reason I got into this in the first place: soap. I love making soap. In fact, I’m not sure what the actual draw is, but I plan my recipes for days, sometimes weeks, and then I spend all day in my soap kitchen, working, and swirling, and pouring. It’s such a real sense of accomplishment when I’m finished, and I love to have people tell me how much they love my soaps and lotions. (I make lotions too). It makes me feel as if I’ve actually been able to help them with various skin issues that arise from using commercial soaps and lotions (and those commercially-induced issues will be a topic for a future blog).

Ah well, enough prattling about soap for now. Heaven knows I will do a lot more prattling in the future…but the coffee’s on, and there’s raisin bread in the toaster. Time to go.